Free or low cost online/local resources & education

Free in Canada, access to volunteer health coaching training & free health coaching.

Free self paced course on anxiety management for adults and another for children.  Free onlpine live groups for Canadians only. Free materials to help deal with anxiet.

 This is a good resource for people living in the US who need assistance with either self managing pain, chronic problems like disease, diabetes, it is also a great resource for helping ageing people with every day issues.

 Work books on specific mental health topics 

Provided by the Australian department of health

 This is an initiative and I'm by the British Colombia government and the University of Victoria's health sciences department. They are offering free programs, both online and in real time, on pain management,  diabetes management and cancer management as well as health coaching, and chronic disease management.

 You can be self referred, you do not need to have a doctor refer you to these programs. 

 Some of these programs are available in Chinese and Punjab.   There are special aboriginal programs available for first Nations people.

Great body image and self esteem materials for parents educators a youth leaders

 This site is operated by the government of British Columbia, Canada, and gives great information on resources for older adults and caregivers.


This is a US government website focused on aging and health.  There are resources for caregiver, doctors and those interested in aging and especially pathological aging (dementia and aphasia etc.).

This is a free program with materials in English, French and Chinese.

Here are some free, or reasonably priced, resources I have found online:

MIT website that allows access to hundreds of courses to work through on ones own.

Coursera, an online platform for MOOC's, (massive open online course).  This site has free courses as well as continuing education courses (CEC) and professional development certificates At low cost.

The Institute of Art and Ideas is a platform of Moocs and televised debates and lectures put on by scholar, both world renown and up and coming.


Thsee are lists of MOOCS worldwide:



Open Universities Australia, free courses in a variety of subjects including negotiations and conflict resolution.


the Open  University of the United Kingdom has 800 free courses on their open Platfor. These courses are based on the universities own for credit courses and have been reviewed positively by past students. Most come with a certificate of completion from what I understand, and the time spent on them ranges from two hours to 20+ hours. 

The platform also has short video lectures posted on a variety of subject.


University of Darby has a free course platform

Greater Good Science Centre, run by UC Berkley, this website has articles on simple ways to increase happiness.


Conflict Resolution Network, Australia, this website has a lot of free anti-bullying materials, including carriculum you can work through yourself (or for a low cost get a professional certificate).


FREE VOCATIONAL TRAINING  four people residing in the United Kingdom, and in the case of Summerset college people who have resided in the European Union for a minimum of three years.


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